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Persian Oushak Rugs

Antique Oushak rugs originated in the small town of Oushak in west central Anatolia, roughly 100 miles directly south of the city of Istanbul in Turkey. Oushak has produced some of the most decorative Persian influenced Oushak rugs (Usak, Ushak) of all times. Oushak has been a production center of Turkish rugs since the 15th century. In the late 15th century the "design revolution" took place. Before, producing Oriental rugs was part of the nomad culture, meeting people's daily needs, but for the first time the works of designing and weaving rugs were split in two. These Turkish Oushak rugs began to be produced commercially. Oushak was the center of this new method of production because it had easy access to wool (best Turkish wool comes from Balikesir, Oushak and Kutahya), natural dyes and had access to the International market. From the 16th up to the 18th century the most famous manufacturers of ottoman times worked in Oushak. Until today the Oushak rugs for sale are much in demand and sold at the big auctions. Many interior designers buy oushak rugs, almost exclusively, for their interior design projects. Old and antique Oushak rugs are 100% wool. Hand Knotted Turkish rugs also tend to be more coarsely woven than Persian rugs, and are always woven with the Ghiordes knot. The colors most frequently used are red and blue.

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