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Pakistani Rugs

Pakistani Rugs

More than 500 years ago, the Persians invaded Indo-Pak sub-continent from the northwest, bringing with them their most treasured possessions, their meticulously handcrafted rugs. Over time, this mingling of cultures gave birth to carpets with their own unique themes, delicate patterning and vivid palette of colors. Today, handmade carpets are produced in different cities in Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Dera Ghazi Khan among many others. Considerably less expensive than other rugs of this genre, they are ideal for virtually every room in your home.

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Items 73 to 96 of 6496 total

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Sometime in 1970 Pakistani rug manufacturers coined a new artifact and called it a ‘Pak Persian Rug’. These intricately designed fine knotted rugs had a high knot density between 250 to 350 knots per square inch (KPSI). Knitted with the famous Persian knot, they are often available in lovely curves and floral designs. Pak Persian rugs come in a variety of designs which include:  Kashan, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mahal, Kirmin and many more elegant designs.


Bokhara Rugs

Classical Turkmens’ hand knotted rugs are popularly known as Bokhara rugs. These nomadic people are the founders and the first ones to manufacture this type of rug. Produced on a large scale in Pakistan; it is very difficult to differentiate a good Bokhara from a bad one. These rugs vary in quality ranging from poor to not just very good but excellent masterpieces. The average knot density of a Bokhara rug is 200 knots per square inch (KPSI). It is a wise move to check the knot density and ensure it is well above 200, because the knot density plays a pivotal role in the determination of quality in any rug. The higher the knot density, higher is the chance of the rug to be of very fine quality. Red is the most popular colour incorporated in a Bokhara and therefore has the highest demand; these rugs available in various other colors are admired as well, but nothing can beat Red when it comes down to a Bokhara Rug. One of the most common uses of these Pakistani Rugs is as a prayer mat due to their tightly knotted structure which offers a great deal of comfort and calming effect for the body.

Salor Bokhara

Out of all the carpets manufactured in Pakistan, using traditional methodologies, the Salor Bokhara is truly one of its kinds. The Bokhara rugs have been known for their rarity and this rug belongs to the vast collection of rarely available Bokharas. Easily distinguished with their unique designs and intricate patterns, Salor Bokhara contains about 2 rows of octagon and each of these octagons contains one more octagon which is then quartered filled with a lovely floral design; there are instances with a design of flower and pearl mix matched in these octagons. Pakistani Carpet prices are not as high as Persian’s and therefore many users resort to importing these high quality carpets from Pakistan.

Tekke Bokhara

The Tekke Bokhara rugs in the Pakistani rugs category are undoubtedly the most popular forms of the invaluable Bokhara Rugs. The Tekke Bokhara can further be categorized under two more categories namely: Royal Bokharas & Princess Bokharas. As the names suggest, both are of ultimate imperial qualities.

Yomud Bokhara

The Yomud Bokhara is a rug that has been named after a tribe housed in the heart of central Asia. These rugs are adorned with very fine Persian or Turkish knots. These rugs are made with the softest wool; knotted together with a thick pile, giving the carpet a soft, velvety feel. The carpet’s knot density may range from 250 to 550 knots per square inch (KPSI) for these exquisite Pakistani carpets. If you are by now started wondering about their price range, we can assure you that these Pakistani carpets are a best with us; if you have loved a well-furnished house for all your life, one of these exquisite carpets might just be the addition that your house needs to sport a picturesque look.


Jaldar Rugs

Afghans are the master creators of these classy rugs that are best known as Jaldar Rugs; these rugs are mostly exported from Pakistan and India to the rest of the world. One simply cannot afford to miss looking at these striking Jaldar Rugs. We have the highest grade of Pakistani carpets for sale that are made from a thick pile of very fine and fluffy wool, making it all the more silky smooth and soft to the touch. Jaldars are frequently confused with Bokhara rugs due to the great deal of similarity in their design and structure. Though there is a very slight difference of guls - a medallion-like design used in these rugs. The guls that are unique to Jaldar rugs are angular and diamond shaped whereas the guls integrated in the Bokhara rugs are rounded in shape. These symmetrical knotted rugs possess a knot density of 100 to 250 knots per square inch (KPSI). Such remarkable quality and design comes with a reasonable Pakistani carpets price tag.


Gabbeh Rugs

In Persian language the word ‘Gabbeh’ means something that is natural, unchanged, and raw. The Iranians were however the first people to have introduced this rug to the world, but the skilful Pakistani rug makers and their respective manufacturers have also been able to master the art of making these exquisite rugs. Gabbeh rugs are most commonly designed in an asymmetrical and geometrical manner that uses very thick pile and a slightly lower knot density. These rugs are exported from Pakistan to all over the world especially to our European counterparts. These rugs are a great hit among people who have a taste for them and they are also a great example of high quality carpets that are available in abundance across Pakistan.


Chobi Rugs

Chobi rugs are as popular as they can get in the West; since these carpets are oriental and Eastern inspired, they sell off miraculously in the West. North America is a huge market for Chobi Rugs that are being produced and exported from Pakistan; the country takes a great deal of pride in its Pakistani Rugs! Most of these carpets are a great deal of bargain for the manual effort that goes into the making of these exquisite masterpieces. The word “Chobi” has been derived from a Persian word “chob” meaning wood. These rugs are mostly hand knotted with knot density falling anywhere over 100 that uses a type of unique knot known as “seena”. Their composition requires quite a lot of labor work; as these rugs are entirely made with hand spun wool on a cotton warp.


Caucasian Rugs

Caucasian rugs originated from Persia, but today they are one of the many carpets manufactured in Pakistan. These rugs are now exported from Pakistan on a very large scale due their high demand in the global market. These rugs using Turkish knots were originally made with generous amounts of wool being knot bit by bit to form a carpet; now they look equally stunning with a cotton foundation. These rugs are eminent with bold geometric designs that come in various different colors; red, brown and blue being the most popular of all colours. These rugs sell off almost immediately given the fact that they are admired by collectors and users alike. Pakistani Carpets for sale; for the whole wide world to take pleasure in sharing Pakistan’s high end carpet collection.



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