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Pakistani Peshawar Rugs

Peshawari carpet making is believed to have emerged with local resources and skills near the Afghan border and present time Northern Pakistan. This carpet making skill is believed to enjoy the dominance in the carpets market all over the world. Peshawar Rugs are a type of transitional Rugs that are known far and wide for their classic and eastern looks; since they have evolved greatly over time, they seem to be an amalgam of carpets from across various regions that use their own traditional techniques. These carpets have adopted designs and techniques that set them apart; no wonder Peshawari Carpets are adored all over the world.

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The tradition of making carpets in Peshawar commenced even before the art was mastered by the locals. Having been introduced to the production of carpets by the ancient Scythians, the locals did not develop any set of expertise in the ultimate craft of carpet making for a very long time to come. It was not till the era of the Mughal when rug-making was gaining recognition as a fine art and the local tribesmen of Peshawar learned the classic craftsmanship in the domain of carpet-weaving; this however was with the sole intention of making money and not for the sake of mastering the craft itself.  The learning of the craft began with the influx of Iranian weavers who were supported by the emperor’s court. With the guidance of these experienced rug-makers, the locals of Peshawar learnt to value and later master the skills of carpet weaving and have been producing some the world’s finest carpets even to this day.


Local Resources and Manufacturing

The most appealing aspect of the rugs made in Peshawar is the productive use of local resources using the availability of local craftsmen; providing an opportunity to earn a livelihood through this platform of carpet weaving. The colors used in the weaving of the rugs in Peshawar are extracted from the vegetables there. The natural vegetable dyes give the weavers a wide array of colors to play with, all through their designs. Apart from this, the wool employed in these rugs is also available locally. This wool is hand-spun by the native men and women of Peshawar. In addition, to give their carpets a classic finish, this locally produced wool is infused with imported wool from countries like Australia & New Zealand. This excellent-quality end product is a classical hit that exhibits tradition woven into modern elements.


Modern and Traditional Designs

Almost from the beginning of this craft Peshawar rugs have been the center of attraction in large mosques, they have infused comfort and style to homes and historic buildings. Enjoying a great deal of attention, the design techniques of these ever popular rugs continue to evolve; and of course gets only better with time. Unlike some of the traditional carpets woven throughout other areas of Northern Pakistan, Peshawar rugs have embedded the modern motifs and modern classical design elements in their designing techniques. Interestingly, this does not subtract the traditional values these carpets have always enjoyed. These rugs, by the time they reach their final stages of perfection, display a striking balance between the ancient craft of carpet making and the very best of modern techniques. These carpets can be seen in museums as some of the ancient relics of history. The intricate design patterns and themes in these carpets provide your home with a more distinct finish.


Color Techniques

In coherence with its patterns, the colors and shades used in the making process are a blend of both antique and modern; the antique color approach usually involves a mix of dull golden and brown, the colors that appear most often in traditional carpets, while the modern designs make generous use of colors with bright hues such as red, orange and blue. This blend not only makes these rugs appear traditionally striking but refines the essence of modern day art in its visual aspects whilst maintaining the magic of these Peshawari Carpets and their much celebrated beauty.


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