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  • Pazyryk; world's first handmade carpet

    Pazyryk carpet, world's oldest carpet

    The Pazyryk rug is the oldest surviving example of a complete rug discovered so far. It was probably produced in the 5th century BC by the nomadic Scythian people and was discovered by the Russian archaeologist Sergei Rudenko in a Scythian burial mound in 1949.

    Pazyryk carpet, Sythian map

    The story of the Pazyryk carpet begins with the Scythians who from the 9th century BC began expanding out from central Asia into western Mongolia, Southern Russia and Europe as well as the Mediterranean and Egypt.

    The rug itself was probably a funereal item and could well have been woven for that specific purpose and so was probably never used. The grave was that of a prince and so the rug itself would probably have been of the highest standard that was available at the time.

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