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  • 15 Most Expensive Rugs of ALRUG (Updated for 2017)

    Updated on 11th September 2017

    An Array of Blissful Treat for your Feet and Senses

    Since time immemorial rugs have served as an integral part of glamorous home decor impression. Be it for the high traffic living room, the seclusion of one’s bedroom or even to beautify your laundry room; rugs flaunt the dweller’s taste and personality. Rectangle, round, runner, square or wide runner, there is always an exquisite rug at alrug.com to go with every nook and corner of your abode. Treat your feet and senses to these 15 Most Expensive Rugs Available at ALRUG.

    Black Persian Kirman Rug
    15. Black Persian Kirman Rug - 4' 7" x 7' 1" (ft)

    Priced as one of the most expensive rugs, this Black Persian Kirman Rug measuring 4' 7" x 7' 1" (ft) is best suited for your living room. The beautiful floral design with a central medallion is woven with Worsted wool/silk hues on a cotton base. The sober teal, ivory and peach colours elaborated with bold colours like black, maroon and brick gives this authentic rug an aesthetic look. The traditional Persian floral design in a Kirman makes it an ideal addition to add grace and grandeur to the formal spaces of your home. This large rug is truly a pleasant addition to your collection of expensive rugs. Pick this hand-knotted elegant Black Persian Kirman Rug priced at $5,075.00; click here to check out more varieties of this grand beauty.




    Maroon Persian Mahal Rug
    14. Maroon Persian Mahal Rug

    Mahal rugs incorporate patterns that are not exactly floral or geometric; this unique feature makes them extremely versatile to be incorporated in almost any setting or decor. You are sure to fall in love with the soft colors and the simple designs incorporated in this beautiful Maroon Persian Mahal Rug. A unique palette of bright and sober colours used in the center of this rug gives it an embossed look. Every minute detail in this rug is complemented with flourishing colours; passing it for a visually and texturally rich rug. Measuring 4' 7" x 7' 1" (ft) this lovely rug costs $5,079.00 and is one of the most expensive rugs at ALRUG. Pick up this unique Mahal Rug to add ambiance to your bedroom. Click here to check out all the varieties of Mahal Rugs.



    Red Persian Isfahan Rug 13. Red Persian Isfahan Rug

    Like the traditional Isfahan Rug designs this Red Persian Isfahan Rug involves beautiful pictorial schemes that are richly ornamented with elegant arabesques and intertwining flowers across the entire field. The most common design like this beautiful Red Persian Isfahan Rug is a central medallion design with repeat corner decorations - thought to be inspired by hand-tooled book covers. This rug is an ideal choice for your home library since this rug itself replicates an antique book cover! This fine-looking Red Persian Isfahan Rug has subtle colours and repeat patterns with Red as its primary color. This huge rug measuring 8' 1" x 10' 3" (ft) and priced at $5,095.00, is categorized as one of the most expensive rugs of ALRUG. Wait no more to lay your hands on this sheer charm.


    Maroon Persian Kashan Rug12. Maroon Persian Kashan Rug

    Like the majority of Kashan rugs, this bright Maroon Persian Kashan Rug has a single medallion in the center surrounded by pearl shaped motifs forming the pattern. This magnificent rug has the greatest curvature and visibility that flaunts dense patterns; ideal for brightening sober interiors. It uses a gentle teal at the edges giving it a very elegant look. The other bright colours in the rug redefine the intricate floral patterns on this rug. Measuring an ideal size of 4' 7" x 7' 2" (ft), this rug is ideal for your living room or to add life to your home office. Priced at $5,145.00, this rug is one of the most expensive rugs of ALRUG. Pick up this grand beauty to bring in festivity into your living space.



    Multi-colored Oriental Gombud Rug11. Multi-colored Oriental Gombud Rug

    Gombud rugs are identified by their spectacular central medallion that replicates the Islamic artwork used mainly inside mosque domes. This Beautiful Multi-colored Oriental Gombud Rug is hand-knotted using Worsted Wool; a type of high quality lightweight wool with coarse texture. The delicate silk highlight in this rug gives this rug a feel of lavishness. This elaborate rug measuring 4' 7" x 7' 2" (ft) with a bold Gombud design ideally fits into a living room or an open patio while adding a touch of elegance to the atmosphere. Priced at $5,145.00, this Multi-colored Oriental Gombud rug is one of the most expensive rugs of ALRUG - a place which has woven into the warp and weft of the carpet world. Pick up this artistic rug to highlight small spaces of your abode.



    Jaldar Rug
    10. Red Oriental Jaldar Rug

    The intricate angular designs and the fine brushed wool used in this hand-knotted Red Oriental Jaldar Rug qualify it for a luxury product. The diamond-shaped gul or the medallion-like design in this Jaldar rug uses repeat Beige patterns in a row; the bold Red background gives it a royal look. This beautiful rectangular rug measuring 14' x 21' (ft) will adorn your hallway. This fine Oriental Jaldar Rug befitting a regal household is one of the most expensive rugs of ALRUG, is priced at $5,995.00 - true to our words, it is worth the investment! Go ahead and feast your eyes on some of the best collection of Red Oriental Jaldar Rugs.




    Charcoal Oriental Sultanabad Rug9. Charcoal Oriental Sultanabad Rug

    The strong Persian influence is immediately recognizable in this fine Charcoal Oriental Sultanabad Rug; a bold floral design with spacious patterns and colours is innate to this Oriental Sultanabad Rug. The material of this rug is 100% wool woven by Pakistani weavers practicing centuries-old techniques of fine weaving. The primary color in this handmade rug is beautiful Charcoal with pastel colour combinations. This Asian inspired patterned rug suits traditional home décor. Measuring 10' 2" x 14' 7" (ft), this is a rectangular rug that suits narrow spaces or your living room and hallways. Priced at $5,995.00, this Charcoal Oriental Sultanabad Rug is one of the most expensive rugs of ALRUG. Find some of the best-looking historic Sultanabad rugs here.



    Beige Persian Kirman Rug
    8. Beige Persian Kirman Rug

    This Beige Persian Kirman Rug is a typical hand-knotted Kirman Rug that is adorned with a single medallion that is adorned with an arabesque form called Eski-Kerman. Bold black medallion and border on a beige wool background makes it a catchy addition to your collection of exotic rugs. The traditional Persian floral design in this Kirman Rug makes it an ideal addition to add elegance to the formal spaces of your home. This subtle-looking Beige Persian Kirman Rug priced at $6,145.00 is one of the most expensive rugs of ALRUG.  Measuring 12' x 18' 1" (ft), this simple yet catchy beauty is a must have in your unique rug collection.




    Camel Persian Hunting Rug7. Camel Persian Hunting Rug

    This Camel Persian Hunting Rug features elaborate Persian hunting scenes. This exceptionally detailed carpet redefines the handsomeness and masculinity of huntsmen and wild animals. Like typical Hunting Rugs, this detailed rug depicts horses, camels, war elephants, gazelle, deer, birds, hares, peacocks and mythical creatures like griffins. As per the age old tradition, silk is used to achieve extremely fine designs, minute outlines, detailed animal’s fur and unique expressions of the huntsmen. A redefined extreme detail like fingernails, eyelids and facial wrinkles makes this rug come to life. Priced at $6575.00, this idolatry rug is one the most expensive rugs of ALRUG that measures 4' 7" x 7' (ft) in size, is ideal for your living room. Own this detailed rug be fitting the Shahs and imperial leaders.



    Red Oriental Sultanabad Rug6. Red Oriental Sultanabad Rug

    This hand woven all-wool pile rug flaunts a strong Persian influence that is immediately recognizable from its typical pattern which is innate to a Sultanabad. A bold floral design with spacious patterns and colours makes this rug ideal to highlight small spaces. The material of this rug is 100% wool woven by Pakistani weavers practicing centuries-old techniques of fine weaving. This unique Red Oriental Sultanabad Rug is truly a Unique-Patterned rug that can add atmosphere to the common areas of your home. This Asian-inspired Red Oriental Sultanabad Rug is one of the most expensive rugs of ALRUG costing $6,925.00 that measures 12' x 15' 7" (ft).



    Black Persian Kirman Rug5. Black Persian Kirman Rug - 6' 1" x 8' 10" (ft)

    Priced as one of the most expensive rugs, this Black Persian Kirman Rug measuring 6' 1" x 8' 10" (ft) is best suited for your living room. The beautiful floral design with a central medallion is woven with Worsted wool and silk hues on a cotton base. The sober teal, ivory and peach colours elaborated on a bold black background, gives this gorgeous rug a very grand look. The traditional Persian floral design in this rug makes it ideal for common spaces of your home. This large rug would complete your collection of luxurious Persian Rugs. Wait no more to pick this hand-knotted elegant Black Persian Kirman Rug priced at $9,025.00 which is also one of the most expensive rugs available at ALRUG.





    Red Persian Mahal Rug4. Red Persian Mahal Rug - 8' x 10' 2" (ft)

    This Red Persian Mahal Rug is characterized by an ornate floral motif with a classic border which is the signature pattern of a Mahal Rug. The wool used in the making of this beautiful rug is of a semi-lustrous nature with a charcoal finish in its texture. The pattern incorporated in this rug is not exactly floral or geometric; this distinctive feature makes it extremely versatile to be incorporated in almost any setting or decor. You are sure to fall in love with the soft colors and the simple designs this Red Persian Mahal Rug has to offer. This Red Persian Mahal Rug measuring 8' x 10' 2" (ft), is one of the most expensive rugs priced at $9,725.00. Check here to view more of these most expensive Mahal Rugs at ALRUG.



    Red Persian Mahal Rug3. Red Persian Mahal Rug

    An ornate floral motif with classic border is the signature pattern of a Mahal Rug that is evident in this Red Persian Mahal Rug. This Red Persian Mahal Rug incorporates pattern that is not exactly floral or geometric; this unique feature is what makes it extremely adaptable to be incorporated in almost any interior setting. This rug uses Red as its primary color giving it a very grand look. The simple designs in this Red Persian Mahal Rug are extremely intricate that is woven around a central medallion. This Red Persian Mahal Rug measuring 7' 11" x 10' 1" (ft) is the third most expensive rug priced at $16,995.00. Click here to view more of these charming Mahal Rugs at ALRUG.


    2. Multicolored Persian Bakhtiar Rug

    This Multi-colored Persian Bakhtiar Rug carpet is divided into individual squares with plants, flower vase and ‘tree of life’ pictures acting as symbols. It is a set of 3-4 compartments that are repeated throughout the field. This influential design features a decorated field with lattice designs and floral ornaments. This multicolored floral or garden inspired Persian Bakhtiar Rug best complements your patio and looks incredibly spectacular for a living room. This is the second most expensive rug on ALRUG that is priced at $17,995.00. The repeat pattern on the border also features floral pictures. Measuring an ideal size of 7' 11" x 9' 10" (ft), this rug is best suited for spacious areas.

    1. Beige Persian Mahal Rug

    An ornate floral motif with a classic border, the signature pattern of a Mahal Rug is beautifully depicted in this most expensive rug of all the rugs available at ALRUG. This most beautiful and elegant Beige Persian Mahal Rug measuring a whopping 8' x 9' 11" (ft) will be a precious addition to your most treasured handmade rugs collection. The exquisite beauty of a handmade rug is abundantly visible in this subtle Beige Persian Mahal Rug. A beautiful tinge of robust Maroons used on this antique-looking beige background makes it ideal for your bedroom and living rooms. The delicate repeat floral motif used in this rug qualifies this masterpiece for a visual beauty. Priced at $19,995.00, this is the first most expensive rug of all the rugs available at ALRUG. Wait no more to make this prized treasure yours.

  • 7 Stuff in Your House That Show You Are an Impulse Buyer

    "Shopping can provide a pick-me-up and make you feel more in charge of your life," says April Lane Benson, Ph.D., a psychologist who specializes in consumer buying behavior. Sure enough, that flashy “SALE” sign has a hypnotic effect on the human brain! Strolling through a supermarket you naturally end up buying more than you actually need - even if it means shopping out of your list. Psychologists say we enjoy a great deal of pleasure when we imagine owning a product that we happen to see; most often than not, we end up buying that product to continue experiencing this ecstatic pleasure of owning. Shopping outside of your needs easily gets classified as impulse buying. Glance through the following stuff typically witnessed in an impulse buyer’s home. Who knows, you could be one such deal-prone impulse buyer!

    1. Multiple Cards

    A decade ago, receiving a loyalty card from a diner did raise a few eyebrows among consumers. Now it is a common sight to receive one such card even from your favourite coffee shop. It is a natural tendency of impulse buyers to throng many shops and obviously accumulate almost every card on the deal. Gone are the days when one credit card sufficed for all the shopping needs of a home and now it does not come as a surprise for one member to stack atleast 4 to 5 credit cards from many banks offering varied lucrative schemes. Since credit cards let you pay and forget all about it till reminded by the bank, it is common for an impulse buyer to possess many credit cards; one for supermarkets, one for online shopping, one for a particular retailer and another suitable for a particular diner. It sure is a crazy cards dealing!

    Loyalty_cards                                  Photo credit: petergreenberg.com


    2. In-Trend Stuff

    No doubt you chose that multi-tasking furniture to double your utility. At the same time, this novelty means you have to get rid of your old stuff that served you till the new one arrived. If you are replacing your dear old stuff just to keep up with a trend chased by your kitty party friends, you sure are an impulse buyer. There are thousands and millions of home improvement ideas flooding the market and naturally trends come and go. Opt for timeless home improvement things that you can rely on for years because altering massive stuff becomes a huge investment every time. Pursuing trends sure is a gamble!

    home-office-delightful-trendy                                                               Photo credit: kuwans.com


    3. Craft Fair Hauls

    Handicrafts surely drive your buying impulse go wild and crazy. If you have a craft fair haul lying around the house since you did not have the time to arrange them or the old arrangement was taken down for a fresh stock of handiwork stuff, you sure did let your impulse take over everything else. Even if you visit one of those craft fairs to buy Christmas gifts, you will end up walking out with a bulky haul all for yourself; such is the enticement of handicrafts. You can keep this inclination under check by carrying the required amount of cash that is within the plan instead of your flashy credit card.

    Craft Fair Hauls                                                   Photo credit: richmondcraftmafia.com


    4. Rolled Rugs

    Rugs are magical stuff that can dispense enormous charm when they are rolled out; they are the most irresistible of all the handicrafts you come across for home décor. As sumptuous and striking the natural fibers in your rugs are; they are vulnerable to get infected by moths when left to lay idle. Moist conditions will surely make your rug quality deteriorate with time. If you have an assortment of rugs, use them in layers and allow your rug the privilege to age gracefully instead of piling them in your store. You sure cannot buy gorgeous rugs out of mere impulse. Can you?

    Rolled Rugs                                                        Photo credit: tollidaycarpetservices.com


    5. Shy Art Pieces

    Unless you are an epic character like Virgil Oldman from “The Best Offer”, who can afford to have a huge room full of art for display, buying art pieces only to be stashed in the attic shows you did go very far with your impulsive shopping. Art looks its best when displayed; if not revealed for the whole world, set-up a separate room for your art to be hung or displayed elegantly. Consider putting up art in your attic, loft, basement and even the mud room; any place that flaunts the beauty of an art is suitable for your collection. The artist did complete his masterpiece for someone to admire; and that “someone” happened to be you, who has invested heavily on these living legends.

    Shy Art Pieces                                                                 Photo credit: penn.museum


    6. Overloaded Fridge

    We sure do not need a picture to demonstrate an overloaded fridge; if you are forcing close the fridge door, it sure is overloaded - one of the most common sights in an impulse buyer’s abode. Most of the time you will end up buying stuff that is already present in your fridge - just that you did not notice due to the food outburst in your fridge. Shopping in supermarkets as we already know is the main gateway for buying out of impulse. Declutter the fridge every week or just before hitting the supermarkets to curb this concern.



    7. Sweet Burst

    Unless it is Halloween round the corner, if it is normal for your home to be sprawling with sweets, it shows you are an impulse buyer. Your home need not flaunt Willy Wonka’s factory; even if one can find sweets in notable places of your home - that is without any occasion, you sure need to smack your hand when picking sweets off the aisle, during your wait at the supermarket cash counter. Sweets are displayed prominently near the checkout area to activate that sweet-buying-impulse; without which you wouldn’t otherwise consider buying sweets.

    Halloween_candy_sweets                                                       Photo credit: onebusywahm.com

    Checkout our persian rugs here at: http://alrug.com/persian-rugs.html



  • 7 amazing additions that make your Interiors Timeless

    Ever mulled as to why some interiors remain fresh & enduring through many years even without any changes? Whilst trends come and go, when even the common people stop talking about these trends, it is evident that has not endured the test of time. Chasing trends will leave your space so full of changes and off the normal balance whereas timeless additions add character and accumulate value with time; timelessness is a trend that stays on for years to come.

    Checkout out our Pakistani rugs collection here: http://alrug.com/pakistani-rugs.html

  • Top 9 Mistakes While Placing a Rug

    If you are a person with a “do-what-you-want-because-there-are-no-rules-for-rug-placement” conviction, let us face it, a shoddy rug placement will look like you are skipping a part of a story that you don’t want to tell! Here are some first-hand-experience tips to help you make an informed decision as to how exactly that ideal rug in your mind should be seated in your home; gracefully or shabbily.

    1. Isolating Your Rug

    One of the favourite rug debates - the furniture legs on the rug or off the rug. Sure enough there is no hard and fast rule in this regard; just that large rugs covering most of the room with all the furniture sitting on them is a delicious sight. It gives a feeling that you did not skimp on getting an appropriate rug that is in line with the scale, proportion and harmony of your room. A rug that's too small is worse than no rug at all; this gives way to make a room look cheap.

    Photo credit: travelingmama.net                                                            Photo credit: travelingmama.net

    2. Covering Beauty

    It sure does enhance the luxury feel if your feet can get to experience rugs everywhere. Covering the pathways made of vinyl is justified but covering that beautiful hardwood pathway flooring is a crime for sure! Instead, consider adding a continuous narrow runner to flaunt your hardwood flooring in conjunction with enjoying all the comforts rugs have to offer.

    traditional-hall                                                      Photo credit: houzz.com


    3. Similar-Sized Rugs Together

    It might feel like you are creating a beautiful layered look by using two rugs of the same size; but in reality, using two similar-sized rugs in the same place will slice your room into half its original size making your room look visually smaller. Always consider layers with two different sizes; colours and patterns could be similar but never the size. If you still end up with two similar-sized rugs for your home décor, you can still create a sophisticated look by placing one rug diagonal to the other - to create a visual size imbalance!

    ghk-amber-rug-orig_master_1                                                          Photo credit: goodhousekeeping.com


    4. Area Rug On Carpet

    If you have moved into a house with nothing but an entire rugby pitch length of brown carpeting, you obviously want to add colorful area rugs to break the vast brown sea. Rugs on carpets can end up looking like an excess of goodness or look too tacky if you don’t add a faint distraction to the rug lying on your carpet. Use rugs diagonally to make an abstract pattern on the carpet and set-up an element of focal point like a piano, a grandfather’s clock or even an antique table instead of your usual furniture; your furniture look just perfect even on the carpet.

    area_rug_3                                                          Photo credit: knightcarpetcleaning.org


    5. Disregarding A Rug Pad

    A common mistake while placing a rug is not using the right pad considering your floor type or worst still, not using a rug pad at all. A rug pad has multi-faceted utility; for your feet, flooring and your carpet. Pads add on to the cushiony softness rugs have to offer, they provide protection to your flooring by avoiding rug dye transfer and best of all, pads increase the durability of your rugs; without a rug pad, the fine fibers in your rug get crushed between your feet and the hard flooring beneath. Needless to say, rug pads prevent slipping.

    6. Floor Break-Up

    Using large area rugs for floor break-up in the common areas like the living room, dining room, hallway and kitchen will hide a way lot of your beautiful flooring. Instead, the idea of using large area rugs just for the two main common areas of your room, the living and dining areas, will reveal just the right amount of your floor in these two high-traffic areas of your home.

    Living room with large piano                                                   Photo credit: homestratosphere.com


    7. Erratic Hues In Open Floor Plan

    Do area rugs have to be within a single color palette when using them to define space in an open concept room? Absolutely yes or your interiors end up looking like a cluster of colorful circus tents! The rugs don't have to be similar, but staying within one single color scheme will make your home more congruous. Further, haywire rug colours will create an unanchored feel to an open floor plan. Go with varied patterns and sizes but stick to one colour scheme instead of contrasting colours.

    living-room-small-apartment-open-plan-living-room                                                         Photo credit: skroutzondeck.com


    8. Large Space & Orderliness

    When working with large spaces, disregard the orderly manner of decorating with rugs. A simple change in the pattern of placing a rug will enhance the element of style to your room and keep your space fuller. In a large space, placing an angular rug the traditional way will keep most of your area bare; consider placing your rug diagonally - this will occupy more of your space and also flaunts your tasteful approach in interior décor.

    7(7)                                                      Photo credit: curatorsoflifestyle.com


    9. Too Close?

    Enjoying the natural glow of fire while treating your feet to the ultimate softness of your rug - a relishing sight for sure. But how feasible is it to render your favourite rug to the embers shot from the fireplace? Synthetic rugs catch fire very fast while wool rugs get charred. Placing rugs too close to a fireplace that has no fire screen could prove to be a pricey loss; personal safety is at peril which is a known risk. An open fireplace should never have rugs or anything flammable in the close vicinity.

    wool-area-rugs                                                                    Photo credit: awcarpet.com

    Checkout our transitional rugs: http://alrug.com/transitional-rugs.html


  • New Oushak rugs and Winter sale!

    New Oushak rugs just in and we continue to add them to our website! Oushak rugs are now available in many sizes up to 10' x 15'! Keep checking our Latest Arrivals for new rugs added to our website.

    The Winter sale continues during the month of January and you'll never find some of these fantastic handmade rugs at better prices elsewhere!

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